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Expression of made in Italy design in the world, Talenti perfectly embodies its key values: a family of entrepreneurs behind it and a strong bond with the territory, a perfect synthesis of the artisan reality of our country. A story in which perseverance, determination, flexibility, openness to new ideas and passion have remained constant over time as if they were the company’s DNA. An entrepreneurial history of over 75 years, retraced in its most salient moments. Here are the steps that led Talenti to become the reality that is now known all over the world


The Cameli family’s entrepreneurial adventure begins with the foundation of Cameli Marmi.


The family business expands with the entry of Fabrizio Cameli who brings the company to a phase of internationalization and the achievement of an export share of 80%.


From the entrepreneurial intuition of its founder, Fabrizio Cameli, the Talenti company was born in 2004. Starting from the family business that worked with marble, he imagined a reality that better responds to market trends. The know-how acquired from stone processing is transferred to the outdoor sector. The first Talenti collections are elegant garden tables in a classic style, of the highest quality and finish,with tabletops inlaid with stones and terracotta.


It is the year of the revolution: in a few months, the Talenti company production is converted from a classic style to a more modern one. Talenti begins to establish itself for the creation of contemporary furniture. A courageous and visionary choice that marks the company’s change towards design-oriented lines. The company, in its renewed style, begins to open up to new markets by crossing national borders. It faces Europe where, above all, the countries of he Mediterranean area show a great interest in quality, elegant and comfortable sofas.


The company attends for the first time the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the most significant international event in the world of furniture. For this launch, Talenti chooses to collaborate with the designer Karim Rashid, who consecrates the company as one of the leading players in the outdoor living market. It is the first step on the path that brings Talenti closer to the world of internationally renowned designers.


Year after year, the company consolidates its identity and undertakes collaborations with highly successful designers, confirming its propensity for design. In Talenti products, design and research come together to give life to original collections, defined by the balance of proportions and the harmony of materials and shapes. In these years the timeless Cleo Teak collection by Marco Acerbis, the award-winning Casilda designed by the Spanish Ramon Estéve and the versatile Moon by Cristian Visentin were born.


After a record growth in turnover and new successful collections, Talenti continues its expansion and acquires the area of the former Pastificio Federici in Fornole of Amelia. An important redevelopment of the industrial area begins with the construction of a new headquarters, a cutting-edge project that covers an area of about 80,000,000 square meters, of which more than 20,000 are covered.
In the meantime, the experimentation of ever new styles continues; for this Talenti involves the prestigious Studio Palomba Serafini Associates with the aim of creating a new line by Ludovica + Roberto PalombaCliff, is born, the eldest of a series of collections aimed to revolutionize the concept of outdoor living: outdoor and indoor are contaminated with a harmonious language, in a continuum of space and concept. Growth also becomes constant and unstoppable overseas, where Talenti conquers space in the most exclusive furniture stores in America, Asia and Australia.


The first Talenti flagship store opens in Milan. Among the streets of Brera where the most creative, most artistic and fascinating soul of Milan lives, located at number 19 in Via Pontaccio, the first international showcase signed by Talenti shines.
Tikal is launched on the market, the first line of kitchens dedicated to the outside world. Born from the collaboration with the architect Nicola De Pellegrini, the idea behind the project is the desire to transform the outdoor space into a sophisticated and timeless place of conviviality, to be experienced at any time of the day.